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Meet Captain Trey Sowers

Trey Sowers owns and operates Mathews Deadrise Charters and Chapel Creek Oyster Company located in Mathews County, Virginia.  Trey received his Geology degree from Virginia Tech and masters in Secondary Science Education. When he started a family with his wife, Stephanie, (also a Tech graduate and science teacher)  they decided that while she taught in the classroom, Trey would be a stay-at-home dad/business owner.


At first he built homes and loved it, but unfortunately, the markets were not in his favor at the time. So, he decided to take up oyster farming, crabbing and became a charter captain, which allowed him to stay at home with their three kids. 

The Helen Elizabeth

In 2014, Trey restored an authentic 34-foot, 1991 Chesapeake Bay deadrise built by the legendary Rappahannock boat builder Al Silvey. He refitted the Helen Elizabeth for excursions and upgraded the solid oak frame of the vessel to include new juniper washboards and strip-planked sides crafted from local pine and fir.

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